I met Dr Amy while I was in the midst of changing my diet and working on my health. In two visits she cleared a constant discomfort in my solar plexis and with the ease of working with her, she also helped me with some underlying causes I was dealing within my nervous system. She obviously loves what she does and is blessed to do so! I would highly recommend her!


My Palisades community acupuncture left me feeling really relaxed and peaceful. I slept beautifully. Doctor Gordon has a very calming vibe and touch that immediately made me feel I was in the hands of a healer. The treatment I had was NET and NADA. Dr. Gordon also taught me the First Aid Stress Tool. It helped me take the threat of anxiety off something I was dealing with that was causing me a lot of stress. And I have used it, now, and had amazing success with a couple of additional predictably stress causing situations. I would say I feel a sense of empowerment rather than anxiety. I highly recommend this doctor and trust the treatments she recommends.


My hamstrings were in excruciating pain for about three weeks that I could barely walk up the stairs. Dr. Gordon performed NET therapy where we delved deep into the root problem. Once the session was over, I was immediately able to walk pain-free and have ever since. It felt miraculous! I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Gordon to everyone!


I highly recommend Amy Gordon. Her caring and compassion is immeasurable. During my treatments, I always felt heard and understood. Acupuncture and NET really improved my life. I am so grateful to have her healing support.  


Amy is kind, gentle, and intuitive.  I had been dealing with an issue for almost 10 years and no treatment was able to help me.  That was until I met Amy.  We worked together using NET and acupuncture and within weeks I started seeing remarkable results.  I would recommend Amy to anyone - she has a healing gift that everyone should experience!


Amy Gordon is my go-to practitioner.  I have brought to her my emotional issues of things in the present that go back to my nightmare past.  I have brought to her also, my present-day issues that hurt inside.  I have given her my physical health issues to fix as well. Amy really knows her stuff.  She is totally proficient in healing any stress and or condition brought to her.  It’s not just that she knows what to do and does it. It’s Amy’s way of relating, It’s her beautiful presence that is so healing at the same time.  There is zero judgement. Amy is totally accepting and loving.  Her positivity is totally uplifting.  I feel so blessed to have this practitioner in my life.


Amy Gordon is a gifted healer who is a pleasure to work with. She listens earnestly to concerns and finds solutions right away. She responds with confidence and kindness and it’s reassuring to be in her presence. I always leave her sessions feeling peaceful, relaxed and grateful for her work. I had a number of issues with joint pains and Amy delved right to the emotional roots of these issues, clearing out old traumas and releasing tensions. I left feeling so much better! I would be happy to recommend Amy and her work to anyone with long-standing physical trauma. Her work is very useful!


I just came from an NET and acupuncture treatment with Amy and I recommend her whole heartedly! Amy is very gifted at asking the right questions to do the deep work to release trauma. Trauma can be “as simple” as being frustrated about money not flowing, or “as deep” as carrying the emotions of your mother since one is in utero.

I have had back pain on & off for 12 years & have spent thousands on chiropractors, acupuncture & massage. I went to the chiropractor 100 times last year, & did back exercises daily. After working with healers & discovering what was living in my subconscious, I went to Amy armed with the information and she gave me such a deep release I am still amazed. This is the part of the equation I’ve been searching for.


I had a couple of NET treatments from Amy addressing some childhood trauma, and I felt the benefits immediately after the treatment. The result was both physical with a natural improvement in my posture, and emotional with a definite release. I felt taller, and lighter with my chest feeling expanded emotionally and physically. It was truly an amazing experience.


I was having an extremely hard time accepting some unfavorable news received about a loved one. I was driving myself crazy blaming myself. I was thinking of all the things I might have done to cause the situation and all the things I could have done to prevent it. I reached out to Amy for help dealing with the guilt and stress that had been building up. This was my first experience with NET and Amy approached my situation with much care and kindness. After treatment with Amy I no longer blamed myself. In my newfound clarity, I was also able to see things from a different perspective. Thank you, Amy, for supporting me and helping me to see more clearly.

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