Community Acupuncture

If you or someone you love is struggling with PTSD, substance abuse withdrawal, anxiety or depression, this Community Acupuncture Clinic can help. We are here to help you understand how acupuncture and stress reduction tools can support you or your loved one.

The Community Acupuncture Clinic provides two things:

1- Acupuncture

Patients receive auricular acupuncture in a group setting or private treatment area depending on available space.

Acupuncture theory understands the ear is a microsystem of the body. Auricular acupuncture treatments help move the body and mind towards homeostasis or balance. Ear acupuncture is often administered to treat pain, stress, anxiety and substance abuse withdrawal. We utilize standard protocols that have been around for decades. The use of these point combinations continue because they work!

2- FAST: First Aid Stress Tool

Patients receive instruction on how to clear difficult emotions using the First Aid Stress Tool known as FAST. FAST is a safe, EFFECTIVE , noninvasive stress reduction tool that combines diagnostic pulse points used in acupuncture with emotional points used in neuro emotional technique. Together, auricular acupuncture combined with the First Aid Stress Tool can provide a life raft to people struggling. Acupuncture helps harmonize the body, mind and spirit. The First Aid Stress Tool is a proven technique that patients can take home with them. It’s used to clear stress, pain and anxiety. Patients often report how it has changed their lives. The beauty of this technique is how the person can use it whenever they need without relying on someone else. The Community Acupuncture Clinic is offered the first Monday evening of every month at the Wholeness Center in Valley Cottage, NY. The cost is $30.00.

This Clinic is a grassroots initiative whose purpose is to help the unacceptable number of people we are losing to overdose and suicide. It’s here to provide support for people struggling with stress, anxiety, pain and substance abuse withdrawal.

Our society is dealing with some pretty tough stuff right now. Litigation has been set forth to make fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction. We have the heartbreaking reality of veterans killing themselves everyday as they suffer with PTSD and depression (a recently reported number was 20 veteran suicides a day). Post-COVID anxiety is being felt across the nation. Support is needed, clinics like this can make a true difference.

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IMPORTANT: Our clinic’s grand opening will be opening Dec 2nd, 2020.
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Clinic is offered the first Monday evening of every month

Ease & Balance Acupuncture Clinic New York

The Manhattan clinic is located in the Amayu Institute. We’re right at Columbus Circle, a subway ride from just about anywhere in the city. You’ll find us at 57th St. in the Park Towers South.

Twenty minutes north of the George Washington Bridge, the Valley Cottage clinic is located in the Ta Ra Institute. This healing center is surrounded by gorgeous gardens a couple of minutes from Rockland Lake.

Appointments are available Monday through Thursday, 9.00 AM to 3:30 PM and Sundays 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Office phone: (845) 825-7403.

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