Hello, I’m Amy Gordon.  Thank you for visiting the Ease and Balance website.  I’m passionate about helping people feel their best.  It’s my mission to guide patients to achieve a stronger, healthier and more balanced way of being.  There was a period in my life when I was having my own health issues.

When I discovered acupuncture and other integrative forms of healing, it shined a light in me. When I became a parent, and one of our boys developed stomach issues, it was the holistic approach that got him better.  It was incredible to see how his body was able to heal itself. I wanted to learn more so I enrolled at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  

I learned how to tend to injuries (helpful with three boys) and treat pain.  I studied the immune system and was introduced to new ways of thinking about stress, anxiety and chronic illness. During my time at Pacific, I realized how important the mind body connection is and how stress affects health.  This is a game changer for personal growth and healing.  The mind body relationship prompted me to begin my Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and Quantum Neurology® (QN) training. 

I’m honored to be a New York State licensed doctor of acupuncture and a certified NET and QN practitioner. I want to help you live your best and happiest life!  Whether you want to strengthen your immune system, treat pain or illness, or manage stress better, come explore what acupuncture, NET and QN can do for you. It will be my sincere pleasure to work with you.

Ease & Balance Acupuncture Clinic New York

The Manhattan clinic is located in the Amayu Institute. We’re right at Columbus Circle, a subway ride from just about anywhere in the city. You’ll find us at 57th Street in the Park Towers South.

Located twenty minutes north of the George Washington Bridge is the Valley Cottage clinic. This healing center is surrounded by gorgeous gardens a couple of minutes from Rockland Lake.

In both locations, you are provided a beautiful space where you can unwind feeling safe and supported. Healing is a very personal journey that allows your body to do what it already knows how to. I am simply there to guide and give your body gentle reminders.

Also in suite 1901 are Venessa Lee and Patchi Malfitano, licensed acupuncturists and herbalists.  The three of us went to school together and share a passion for helping and healing.  While the body has an innate capacity to heal itself, sometimes support is needed via homeopathic, nutritional or herbal support.  For patients who will benefit from herbs, Venessa and Patchi are available for consultation.


"Amy is kind, gentle, and intuitive.  I had been dealing with an issue for almost 10 years and no treatment was able to help me.  That was until I met Amy.  We worked together using NET and acupuncture and within weeks I started seeing remarkable results.  I would recommend Amy to anyone - she has a healing gift that everyone should experience!”

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