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Ease and Balance Acupuncture clinic in New York City and the Hudson Valley combines the ancient Eastern practice of Acupuncture with the cutting edge stress reduction tool of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). Together, these two methods of healing work to decrease your body’s stress so you can feel lighter, healthier and happier.

Decrease Stress

Learn techniques to help lower your stress and reduce anxiety.

Reduce Pain

Remove physical and emotional blockages that cause pain with Acupuncture.

Prevent Illness

Clear stressors that can lead to illness with Neuro Emotional Technique.

When physical and emotional blockages are cleared, pain is reduced, performance is enhanced and personal relationships become healthier.

Improve chronic, hard to treat pain when nothing else has worked.


Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique that calls upon a meridian system. Simply put, a meridian is a pathway of blood and energy. We’re all made up of a complex system of these pathways. When your meridians are balanced and running smoothly, the body is free of illness. When there’s pathology , it’s because there’s a blockage or imbalance along a meridian. Acupuncture stimulates specific points using needles and other methods to help the body clear blockages and harmonize imbalances.

How do you manage stress

We all experience stress. It’s part of life. How you manage it directly impacts your health, wellbeing and state of mind. Stressors weaken the immune system and when left untreated, illnesses can develop and worsen over time.

NET New York

De-StressWith Net

Neuro Emotional Technique is a treatment that de-stresses the body. It uses the same pathways as acupuncture but without the use of needles. Manual muscle testing identifies stressors in your body which can cause pain and anxiety. As these blockages are cleared, you feel better physically and emotionally.

“The power that maDE the body heals the body”

~B.J. Palmer

Amy Gordon Acupuncturist New York


I understand how it feels to not be your best self- to feel stuck and frustrated. Acupuncture and NET helped me find and treat the stressors causing my pain.  I fell so deeply in love with these techniques, I decided to attend one of the top Eastern Medicine Schools in the country, complete  my doctorate in Acupuncture and become a certified NET practitioner.

The Manhattan clinic is located in the Amayu Institute. We’re right at Columbus Circle, a subway ride from just about anywhere in the city. You’ll find us at 57th St. in the Park Towers South.

Twenty minutes north of the George Washington Bridge, the Valley Cottage clinic is located in the Ta Ra Institute. This healing center is surrounded by gorgeous gardens a couple of minutes from Rockland Lake..


"I had a number of issues with joint pains and Amy delved right to the emotional roots of these issues, clearing out old traumas and releasing tensions."
“I felt taller, and lighter with my chest feeling expanded emotionally and physically. It was truly an amazing experience”.
"I highly recommend Amy Gordon. Her caring and compassion is immeasurable. During her therapy, I always felt heard and understood. "
Dr. Amy Gordon is truly an exceptional healer. I began seeing her about a month ago for some persistent pain issues. Having never tried Acupuncture treatments I was somewhat nervous and didn't know what to expect. Dr. Amy immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease with her calming personality, kind smile and her genuine desire to help me. In the month I have been seeing her my pain has been significantly reduced and my feeling of overall wellness has greatly increased. She is caring, compassionate and genuine, and completely dedicated to me as her patient. I'm very grateful to have her in my corner, and I highly recommend her.
Dr. Gordon was recommended to me by a friend with the same issues.I have been seeing Dr. Gordon for post-chemotherapy neuropathy. She uses a combination of NET and acupuncture to align the body’s energies. It has taken a while, but together we are working to where I have no more pain and feel like me again. She is lovely and does not press for more sessions like other places do. Her space is warm and inviting. I highly recommend Dr. Gordon’s practice for pain relief related to chemotherapy, stress, and life issues.
Amy is fantastic at what she does, and brings so much more than Acupuncture to her personalized plan for her clients, including NET. Highly recommend!!
Before starting treatment with Dr. Amy, I experienced a wide array of emotional and physical issues, such as frequent migraines and energy crashes. She has been instrumental in getting to the root causes of these issues and diminishing them entirely.I no longer experience the same energy crashes and migraines that once heavily impacted my days. My sleep has also improved, allowing me to be more productive and less stressed day-to-day.I can't recommend Dr. Amy enough! Her expertise in acupuncture and NET is unparalleled. She truly cares about her patients' well-being and helps set them on a path towards better health and recovery.
I came in with the pain in the wrist that has been bothering me for a week and a half since I started doing belly dance. After the NET and acupuncture with Amy, the pain was gone the next day. Amy was really patient and attentive to all of my concerns. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in pain either physical or emotional.
Amy is a gifted practitioner who helped me break thru quite a lot.
Wonderful practice and practitioner!
Dr. Amy is a potent healer! I've been seeing her for an intense inflammation storm that has many doctors (Western & alternative) scratching their heads. She focuses and works at the speed of light to clear the physical and emotional body; her techniques are so powerful that we can visibly see my inflammation shifting throughout each session. I'm eternally grateful to be connected with her practice! She is incredible about following up and providing guidance well beyond the session to ensure that healing is progressing; if it plateaus at any point, she goes above and beyond to recommend additional therapies.
She is awesome at her craft! She really helped me! Thanks!
I have been seeing Dr. Gordon for about a month now for NET and acupuncture and I’m already experiencing improvement in my sleep pattern and reduction of pain in my shoulder and other parts of my body. Dr. Gordon is very caring and kind in addition to being a skillful professional. She follows up with me by telephone or text after every office visit to make sure I am doing well. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Amy is absolutely amazing! She attended our law firm's wellness day event and performed ear seeding treatments, NET therapy and taught the First Aid Stress Tool (FAST) to our group of 50 attendees. She is so knowledgeable in her field of expertise and everyone was beyond impressed with her services. She took her time in treating each patient individually and catered to each of our unique sources of stress. Her demeanor is extremely calming and uplifting. You can tell she truly loves what she does. We are all looking forward to our next treatments with her!
Amy & NET therapy has been a fantastic resource for me over the past several months. She has worked with me in person many times & I truly feel a difference in my personal life. Amy has an extremely calming demeanor & has instilled coping techniques & positive intentions that I will carry with me throughout life. I feel I have benefited from our sessions greatly & would highly recommend using her!
Dr. Gordon is a consummate professional and her treatments are second-to-none! I can't stop raving to my friends and family about how great she is. NET combined with highly skilled acupuncture is a game-changing experience. You will feel transformed in so many positive ways after going to see Dr. Gordon!
Dr. Amy is such a gifted healer. She expertly uses several techniques in combination to quickly get to the root cause of pain and illness, resulting in levels of health and vitality that I had grown to believe would never be achievable again. I can’t thank her enough for this new lease on life.I’ve grown now to expect big changes with each treatment, as well as her conscientious follow-up and post treatment assistance. We came to Dr. Amy for assistance with an aggressive chemo regimen for my spouse, but in the end, we both were healed!
Was having problems with my shoulder. After only two sessions my shoulder was back to normal.Dr. Gordon is very professional and though I hope that I don't need her again..... would go back immediately if I had another problem
Dr Gordon is amazingShe is not only about relaxing the muscle, but also relaxing the mind. She is a life changer. Highly recommended to people who are over worked and over stressed with with varying shoulder, neck, kidneys and anything you can do to your self from years of neglect conditions like me. 10 stars 😘😘😘
My first time doing NET, it has been a great experience! I have truly experienced large improvements in my mood and had far less anxiety in day to day situations
I have been seeing Dr. Amy for 2+ months for both acupuncture and NET for long term stomach issues and fertility. Having done NET in the past, I knew I wanted that to be apart of my fertility journey and am so happy I found Dr. Amy. She is so welcoming and spends the time with you to make you feel supported in a loving, wholehearted approach that has worked wonders! I think one of the most comforting things about working with Dr. Amy is knowing she prepares you with tools to use at home between appointments and will always make herself available to you if needed. Your success is her success and she will be there every step along the way for you. Would so highly recommend to anyone and everyone!
Dr. Gordon's Community Acupuncture is an oasis providing much needed respite. I immediately felt welcome and at ease. Her pride and joy in her work radiates through her warm smile, positive attitude, and skilled treatments with grace and compassion. The stress reduction technique she taught me was highly effective and the opportunity to receive acupuncture in a community setting was a peaceful and relaxing experience which continues to resonate with me. I can't wait until she offers it again.
Three words to describe Amy's practice: dedicated, loving, and uplifting. She really spends the time to get to know you and creates both short term and long term plans to address your needs in the treatment she gives you.I came in with a knot in my quad that had been there for months and within 3 sessions it dissipated. My PT was as pleasantly surprised as I was.My other providers really support the work that I do with Amy. She is the best acupuncturist I have ever met.
Dr. Gordon is a very caring and talented acupuncturist. Not all professionals give you the time and share the energy like she does. The environment is warm, friendly and most importantly professional. I am looking forward to my next treatment❤️
Dr. Amy has helped my dad with his back pain tremendously. He was driven to her first appointment and walked with assistance of using a cane. The next day he woke up and did not need his cane. She is very talented , professional and kind person! Highly recommend her services
I've been coming to see Dr. Amy for NET/Acupuncture for over a month now, and I feel better and better after every session. She is an incredibly compassionate, kind and thorough practitioner -- always makes sure to follow up post appointments to check in how I am feeling both physically and mentally, and always offers additional resources for how to manage the physical and emotional symptoms outside of treatment. She is someone who truly cares about your recovery and a great ally in your long-term wellbeing.
I had never tried acupuncture before so I was naturally uneasy about it, but Amy made me feel very comfortable and I had a wonderful experience. I left feeling much lighter and relieved from the tension in my body, I highly recommend her for all the healing practices she provides😊.
The best acupuncture/NET ever!!!!
Amy is amazing!! She is so knowledgeable and professional! She really knows what she is doing. I felt So relaxed after my treatment and would recommend Amy to anyone who is dealing with stress or anxiety! She works magic!
I felt refreshed, clearer & lighter in my mind and less pain in my joints after just one session with Dr. Gordon. Her bedside manner is warm, caring and thorough. Her physical exam & treatment were each very detailed. Dr. Gordon provided helpful information to use to improve my health. I felt especially cared for when Dr. Gordon followed up with me after a day or two to see how I was feeling & if I had any questions. I would say the time & treatments with Dr. Gordon are a good investment in yourself.
Dr. Gordon shines a light to health and wellness. From the moment you meet her, it is obvious she is dedicated to her calling and cares about the needs of her patients. Dr. Gordon is a skilled, knowledgeable professional who has on many occasions, alleviated my chronic back and joint pain with Acupuncture. She believes in getting to the source of a patients’ ailments and strives to suggest tips to improve your lifestyle. A visit to you her office will leave you calm and relaxed. As I always look forward to my acupuncture appointments, I would highly recommend Dr. Gordon.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Amy! She was able to help me make a mind-body connection that truly lifted my spirits through a difficult time. After working with her for just one session, I immediately had more clarity and felt lighter. She has an amazing gift and I am thankful that I met her. 10/10 would recommend!!!
Dr Gordon aka Amy puts you at EASE from the moment her voice and demeanor gently listens to what your mind and body need. She helped me tremendously with getting complex emotions unstuck AND to diminish hip pain. It can’t get more BALANCED than that. My body and mind are grateful for the knowledgeable, compassionate and skilled services I received
Dr. Gordon creates a safe space to explore the healing process. Her skills and knowledge facilitates a leveling up opportunity. Her calm presence puts me at ease and allows balance to be restored.
Amy has not only eased my lower back pain but has been able to induce clarity of my busy mind. She was also able to get rid of the negative energy and induce the emotional releases I needed to be able to continue my own work. She has the most calming soft voice that leaves you nurtured and listens without assumptions. Not to mention her knowledge to navigate through her sessions. Thanks Amy see you soon!!
I had amazing results with Dr. Amy Gordon . The acupuncture she performed on my neck allowed me to work and not be in such debilitating pain . So so grateful I found her ! I highly recommend .
Amy is absolutely amazing and truly gifted ! I am so appreciative for the genuine help I was given during my session. I left feeling empowered, relieved, and ready to live up to my full potential. She helped me to work through my negative beliefs and feelings. I recommend visiting her if you’d like to get from where you are to where you wish to be! Amy has a kind heart and a calming presence. I am looking forward to continuing my growth, meditating, and practicing what she has taught me.
I have to say I was a skeptic people have told me about this for years and I would never try it until I met Amy she was so thorough with her intake and listening to my concerns about my pain .I have to say my experience was a pleasurable one .Amy is so knowledgeable I was very relaxed throughout my session.I was amazed that my pain had totally disappeared.I would recommend this to everyone in need of relief
From the start of the treatment I knew I was in good hands. Amy Gordon is thorough and clearly knows how to use acupuncture to heal. My neck is getting better with every treatment and so is the rest of my body. I would highly recommend going to see Amy if you have any health issue you want to address.
Amy helped with my shoulder a few years ago, she did a great job with it and it’s been much better since. Thank you for the help!
I just ended a relationship with someone who was very special to me. I was so sad that I was having really bad headaches and couldn’t get any sleep. To top it off, all the pressure was making my chronic back pain that much worse. I was skeptical about acupuncture and other ancient healing techniques, but after a lot of my own Google research realized that this has been around so long because it actually works. My first NET session with Amy made all the difference. I was amazed! I could not be more pleased with the results. She put me on a new path to total well being and I can’t say enough about her and the treatment! Thank you Amy!
She has a beautiful gift. I am so happy to received her treatments. It helped me to overcome fear. Thank you Amy.
I was suffering from extreme discomfort in the upper shoulder and bicep area for months. After a couple of sessions of acupuncture with Amy, the pain completely went away. It was my first time doing acupuncture and she was very gentle and methodic in her practice. I recommend her highly
I highly recommend Amy. I was having shoulder pain that was keeping me from working out and wrestling with my young son. I was somewhat apprehensive going in to see Amy, as I had never tried acupuncture before. Amy has such a peaceful, calming and caring demeanor and voice that my nervousness quickly disappeared. With each treatment, my shoulder felt better until the pain was gone. She’s a true professional and a caring, empathetic person. And my shoulder still feels great. Thanks Amy!
When I entered the pristine white office overlooking the heart of the city, I was greeted by an animated Amy and felt welcomed instantly. Amy proceeded to work her magic by way of detection of vital points throughout my life and tied them with certain emotions I have felt before and those that still bother me to this day. After releasing the bad energy plaguing my body, I thought with clarity. Then physiologically cleansed, acupuncture followed suit to round out a restorative experience and allow my mind and body to begin its healing and repairing process. I implore my friends to try NET during the coronavirus pandemic; when our stress levels are at an all time high and our bodies afflicted with unwanted aches and pains.
Amy Gorden is an amazing professional individual, she taught me a technique to reduce stress and anxiety. Amy has a calming, reassuring way about her that made me instantly feel relaxed. After working with Amy I was able to sleep though the night for the first time in years! Amy is extremely gifted and I can’t wait to use her services again.
Our high school-aged son was injured at lacrosse practice. Resulting from pain associated with his injury, he lost significant range of motion in his knee, preventing him from participating in any physical activity. At this point, we had never experimented with acupuncture before; however, Amy was extremely passionate about the treatment process. Throughout our son’s rehabilitation, she dedicated time to explaining the treatment, benefits of it, while ensuring that we were comfortable with the procedures before administering them. In hindsight, our son’s treatment with Amy was the catalyst for his full recovery, allowing him to get back on the lacrosse field within days.
I highly recommend Amy! She helped me with my knee pain.
Amy has it all!!! Healing for your Mind, body and spirit!!!There is no one that I would trust more forhomeopathic healing.She has an amazing calming effect and has help me tremendously with my sport injuries and stress. I highly recommend Ease and Balance Acupuncture . You will be treated with professional care, kindness and concern.
I had a great experience. Amy is very professional, and my shoulder feels so much better. Looking forward to another session .
My experience with Amy has filled me with gratitude. While working on my health concerns through acupuncture and NET, Amy’s gentle ability to unveil the root of an issue is paramount to the healing process. She delivers with skill and caring and I would recommend her for any health issue.
Combining her love of acupuncture, her innate desire to heal and her calm and grounding presence, Amy has all the hallmarks of a great healer.  My NET sessions have helped me tremendously. Be assured that you will leave her sessions with a heightened sense of wellness and the knowledge that you have done something profound for your long term health.

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Ease & Balance Acupuncture Clinic New York

The Manhattan clinic is located in the Amayu Institute. We’re right at Columbus Circle, a subway ride from just about anywhere in the city. You’ll find us at 57th St. in the Park Towers South.

Twenty minutes north of the George Washington Bridge, the Valley Cottage clinic is located in the Ta Ra Institute. This healing center is surrounded by gorgeous gardens a couple of minutes from Rockland Lake.

Appointments are available in Valley Cottage on Wednesday and Friday, 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  Manhattan office hours are Sunday, 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Office phone: (845) 825-7403.

See our COVID-19 page for our clinic procedures.